Aircraft Management Scottsdale


GGR Aviation is a full-service, executive aircraft management company located at the Signature Flight Support FBO, a premier aviation facility at the Scottsdale Airport.

Committed to providing you excellent service.

For most people, owning an aircraft is just a dream. Here at GGR Aviation we can help make that dream a reality. We are a full service aircraft management company at the Scottsdale Airport. We provide everything from purchase assistance to the long-term care of your aircraft. Need flight training? We are the parent company of Scottsdale Executive Flight Training-Located on the Scottsdale Airport-A Cirrus Aircraft Platinum Training Center.

We are committed to providing the best possible aircraft management service available anywhere. Whether you are a first time aircraft buyer, or moving up to something bigger, we can help.

Aircraft Purchase Assistance

  • Discovery

    Which aircraft is right for you?

  • Planning

    Evaluate financial, tax, operating cost and resale value considerations.

  • Market Search

    Conduct comprehensive search of available aircraft that meet your criteria.

  • Negotiations

    Extend offers and finalize purchase terms.

  • Pre-Buy Inspection

    Oversee a thorough inspection to identify and remedy discrepancies.

  • Delivery

    Coordinate the location and transfer of ownership.